In the various logistics sectors, knowledge and skills can become obsolete. Hence, ongoing professional development and continual learning are the keys to thriving in the global workplace.

At Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), we work together with member-companies and employers to help workers make the right choices on their learning journey. The following programmes form a lifelong learning system that enable workers to stay relevant, find their niche and seize opportunities arising in the logistics industry.

From rank-and-file workers to professionals and managers, Continuing Education and Training (CET) caters and adds value to people’s career. Increasingly, more workers and employers are seeing the light and reaping the benefits of continuing education.

The Logistics Academy (TLA), wholly-owned subsidiary and CET arm of the SLA, is a training provider of the upgrading programmes in the CET pathway for the following: Aerospace & Aviation, Fashion & Apparel, Automotive, Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Medical, Logistics & Shipping, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Communications and Information Technology, Construction, Engineering & Industrial Equipment, Retail & FMCG, Entertainment & Media, Food, Beverages & Hospitality, Marine & Offshore, Electronics & Semiconductor, MICE, Furniture & Furnishings, Agriculture & Aquaculture industries.




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