How can I sign up as a jobseeker with Singapore Logistics Careers Portal?
To register as a jobseeker for Singapore Logistics Careers Portal, simply fill up the Jobseeker Registration Form. All you need is a personal email account that is active and frequently checked. This will ensure that you are kept abreast of the latest relevant job openings along with Singapore Logistics Careers Portal updates. Complete the form with your email address along with a password of your choice. An email will be sent to inform you of a successful registration and you will now be able to access the full suite of functions offered by Singapore Logistics Careers Portal.

How does Singapore Logistics Careers Portal work?
Singapore Logistics Careers Portal allows you to search for jobs and build a complete resume online. You can also track any job applications made through the site's Job Agent. As your personal career portal, the Job Agent informs you via email and updates in your homepage of suitable job and higher education matches as indicated in your preferences. When you apply for jobs through Singapore Logistics Careers Portal, your resume will be made immediately accessible to your prospective employers. They will then contact you directly if you're found to be suitable.

What is the "Job Agent"?
The Job Agent is a JobsCentral service which automatically matches you with jobs that fit your personal specifications. To make use of this service, click on the Job Agent section of the My Resume and Preferences tab on your dashboard. Describe your preferred jobs with keywords separated by commas, e.g.: engineering, mechanical, precision. Then, go on to tick all the boxes that are relevant to your job search. Finally, indicate the frequency that you would like the Job Agent to update you. Updates will be sent to the email address used to register your JobsCentral account. To turn off this notification service, select Never under Job Agent Email Notification Frequency. Once set up, the Job Agent will run automatically and keep you updated about job advertisements that might interest you because they fit your pre-determined criteria. You can change the criteria for your preferred job at any time to reflect your changing preferences.

How can I / my company register for Singapore Logistics Careers Portal services as an Employer?
To register as an employer on Singapore Logistics Careers Portal, click on Register for Account on the dashboard across the top part of this page. All businesses registered as employers on Singapore Logistics Careers Portal must have already registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore (ACRA) with a valid Business Registration No.

Complete the online form provided by the portal, ensuring that all fields marked with an asterisk(*) are filled, and click on Submit. A pop-up page will then appear, with further instructions. Do add to your pop-up blocker's list of permitted websites to be able to view these instructions.

To proceed with registration, we will need organisation to fax us the following details:

  • your company's Business Registration No.
  • the requestor's name
  • an email address registered to your firm

This should be done on a document bearing your company's letterhead.

Our customer service staff will then proceed to contact you to verify your application and activate your account. This will prevent spam while maintaining your company's reputation as an employer. Please allow up to three working days for this process.

As soon as your company's account has been activated, an email containing login information will be sent to the email address provided in the application. You can then proceed to login and post job advertisements.

Should you require any form of assistance during this process, do let us know by calling 6778 5288. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] stating the nature of the problem you're facing, along with your company's contact details and we will be in contact shortly.

Things to note:

  • Only one account is provided per company for posting of free job advertisements. Subsequent accounts created by the same company can only be used to post paid job listings.
  • A reminder email will be sent to companies with accounts that have not been activated within 30 days after registration. To activate your account, we will need to receive your verification fax complete with the details required above. The account and any related registration information will be deleted from the system if the verification fax is not received within 14 days of the reminder email being sent.
  • JobsCentral reserves the right to suspend or delete company accounts without notice.

5) How do I create job advertisements?
Only employers with an active and registered JobsCentral account are permitted to post job advertisements on the portal. To register, simply click on Register for Account on the dashboard above.

To put up a job advertisement, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Login to your account using the email address registered to JobsCentral along with the password that has been assigned to the account. This password can be found in the email containing your login information. To create an employer account, click here
  2. Once you have accessed the JobsCentral Employers' Module, click on "My Job Ads"
  1. Create a job advertisement by clicking either Post a Premium Job Ad or Post a Basic Job Ad. Your job ads should be in compliance with the Tripartite Guidelines on Non Discriminatory Job Advertisements.
  2. Complete the online form provided, ensuring that fields marked with an asterisk(*) are filled. Premium account holders can thereafter proceed to specify applicant filtering criteria. Other services are also provided to Premium account holders such as Job Crawlers and redirection to corporate websites. To find out more about Premium services or apply for a Premium account, call us at 6778 5288 or send an email with your queries to [email protected]
  3. Click Preview  to check your job advertisement before it goes "Live". To post the ad on JobsCentral, click on Submit. All applications for the job will be sent to the email address specified in the job advertisement. Note that job advertisement forms must be completed within 30 minutes. Exceeding the time limit may cause the system to consider your application to be inactive, causing the job posting to fail.
  4. Once activated, all applications made for the job will then be sent to the email address specified in the online form used to create the job listing.
    Duplication of job positions will not be allowed. Any duplicated jobs found will be removed at our own discretion.

Can I deactivate the job advertisement? How about re-posting the job?
To remove a job advertisement currently being posted, login to your employer account and click on My Job Ads. Select the advertisement which you would like to remove and click on Edit Job. This will take you to the form used earlier to post the ad; scroll down to Status and select Inactive/Draft to take your listing off JobsCentral. To reactivate the advertisement before its expiry date, simply switch the status to Active.

Premium job advertisements will expire 30 days after posting while basic job postings will expire after job applications reaches 10 or if it reaches a cap of more than 10 jobs live at any one time. You can login to repost your jobs when it expires, and a premium job credit will be deducted if an expired premium job is reposted as a premium advertisement.

Basic job advertisements will be deleted from the system one month after expiry; Premium job advertisements are deleted three months after they expire. As application and candidate details are also deleted along with the job advertisement, you are advised to process the job application within the relevant timeframe.

What's the difference between Basic employer accounts and Premium ones?

  Basic Premium Remarks

Company Registration/Verification

3-5 working days 1 working day

Companies need to be registered and verified only once per account

Data Entry Support No Yes  

Application Redirection to External URL

No Yes For integration with corporate recruitment engines
Application Filtering Engine No Yes  
Weekly Job Alert Email No Yes Active during the job posting period
Duration per job posting 30 Days 30 Days

Basic job posting expires if it reaches a cap of 10 job postings live at any time or if it receives more than 10 job applications

Job Posting Fees

FREE for most employers

Please refer to prevailing rates

Basic accounts have a cap of 10 posted job advertisements at any time

Furthermore, Premium job advertisements typically generate 6 to 10 times better application rates compared to Basic listings. A variety of Premium account packages are available to fit your organisation's needs. JobsCentral also provides data mining services to improve your recruitment process.
To find out more, do contact our customer service staff at 6778 5288 or send an email with your preferences and queries to [email protected].

I have bought a Premium account. How soon will my Premium job advertisement be posted?
Once you have submitted a soft copy (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf) of your job description, the job advertisement will be posted within one working day after your approval of the draft listing. Job advertisements submitted and approved before 2pm will be posted on the same day.




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